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Distinctly “industrial” buildings first appeared during the industrial revolution, when a need arose for large buildings to house machinery and large numbers of workers. The first industrial buildings, rectangular in plan and supported by brick or stone walls and wooden roofs, were like those at the Strutt and Need factory in Belper, Derbyshire, Great Britain . Strictly functional designs prevailed; long, unplastered walls were often divided only by pilasters and decorated with bands of ornamental masonry.

The use of reinforced concrete in construction from the late 19th century greatly influenced the architecture of industrial buildings. This can be seen, for example, in the textile factory in Tourcoing, Nord Department, France (1895, engineer P. Hennebique). Flex buildings are, by design, “flexible” and allow for a wide range of office and warehouse uses.

When it comes to defining the flow of people, the LandsD is aware of the difficulty in defining generally “relatively higher visitor flow”. For example, a situation involving children or the elderly will be different from that involving adults who are physically agile. At present, the Government is basically against any flow of public visitors in industrial buildings, and not only activities that will attract a large number of public visitors to industrial buildings.

Broccolini, the Montreal developer behind the $200-million Amazon project that opened in 2019, is not named in the new application. Take the first steps to designing a resource-efficient light industry building with EDGE. Solving the heavy energy and water consumption of a building and discovering ways to avoid waste sets up a manufacturer for greater profit. Interior fixtures and fittings in the library, the café, the laboratories and the offices were designed by Mecanoo. Civic Architects, a leading expert in public architecture joined forces with Braaksma & Roos and Inside-Outside/Petra Blaise, experts in interior and landscape design with extensive experience in textile-based interventions.

The new Amager Resource Center in the east of Copenhagen, which was finished in 2017, is far more than just an aesthetic eye-catcher. On the one hand, state-of the art technology is put to use in the garbage-fired power plant, which makes it one of the most efficient and cleanest in the world. On the other hand, the residents of Copenhagen who live next to the garbage disposal plant benefit from it, in addition to the supply of green heat energy and electricity, in a totally unexpected and different way. An appeal is made to the public to minimise visiting the LandsD’s offices in person unless necessary. The public can purchase most map products from Hong Kong Map Service 2.0 and can file enquiries or complaints as well as requests for services online or through other electronic means. Due to the special work arrangements, the processing of various enquiries, complaints and applications may be delayed and it may take a longer time to provide a reply.

Decorative elements of various architectural styles were sometimes used for the exteriors of industrial buildings; for example, classicistic motifs are found in the architecture of factories in the Urals built in the late 18th century and the first half of the 19th. This tradition was maintained in the construction of many industrial buildings up to the early 20th century. A showroom property is a combination of a public display area with either an office or warehouse space . However, with a showroom, generally about half of the facility is dedicated to the retail space in order to show and sell products on-site. These dedicated facilities house extensive computer servers and associated equipment in order to maintain a company’s network and data. Also referred to in terms like switching or cyber centers and web hosting facilities, these buildings feature a redundant power supply so technology can function in the event of a potential outage from one source.

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