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Office buildings are normally well insulated, and the ventilation systems are shut off during nights and weekends. However, as there is installed computer equipment to an increasing extent in modern office buildings, it appears that a number of the buildings get cooling demands which require refrigeration plants. In such buildings, heat pumps for combined heating and cooling may be very profitable. The SCIT agreed that the cold room facility was an industrial building within the meaning of paragraph 63 of Schedule 3 of the Income Tax Act and allowed the taxpayer’s appeal to claim IBA. Pursuant to a tax audit, the Director-General of Inland Revenue raised notices of additional assessment, among others, for disallowing the taxpayer’s claim for industrial building allowance on the cold room facility.

The concern of “marginalization of Hong Kong” was raised not until the “Pan-PRD” imaginaries but since when Hong Kong has been losing her competitive advantage with the economic miracles happened cross the border (Martinelli et al., 2013). Targeting mainly at international financial services, trading and logistics, tourism, and professional and producer services, Hong Kong repositioned itself to become Asia’s world city . This statistic displays the average international cost for building one square meter of internal space for industrial buildings across the United Kingdom in 2016 and 2018, measured in British pounds. The region within the UK which had the lowest construction costs for industrial buildings was Northern Ireland.

Don’t miss the money-saving, energy-efficient insulation options available from RHINO. The rigid steel framing of a RHINO building is so strong it can span extreme distances without needing interior support columns. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Cold storage warehouses have large-capacity coolers and freezers to store food or other temperature-sensitive items. This type of storage may also require a specialized foundation because the freezing, often sub-zero, temperatures in the coolers can cause slabs to crack. Bulk distribution warehouses are ideal for tenants such as logistics and distribution companies who need to ship goods to businesses or consumers.

Beamless flooring is usually used in industrial buildings in which the production process requires smooth ceilings, as in the food-processing industry, warehouses, and cold-storage warehouses. In the beam-less method, the flat slabs of the intermediate floor are supported by column heads or rest directly on columns, with rigid cross reinforcement within the flooring to serve as column heads. Beamless flooring structures of industrial buildings are made largely of concrete cast in situ; in some cases, the lift-slab method is used.

GBA was selected to provide designs for Woodend 1 Industrial Building with contractor MW Builders. The team completed construction in February 2014, with tenant improvements completed within a few months of full occupancy. Members of the GBA team provided architecture services for this design-build project. ‘The masterplan design really uses what is there, including the old rail lines.’ In Building 78, the old freight elevators were made into double-height studio units. ‘A part of our charitable objective is to interest the public in craft,’ explains the organisation’s chair of trustees Sue Webb. With the rapidly growing residential population of the local area, that engagement looks set to blossom.

The debt to equity ratio also provides information on the capital structure of a business, the extent to which a firm’s capital is financed through debt. We make your job sites quicker and more efficient.Our building efficient systems allow the concrete to be poured horizontally and the walls then mounted on-site, for faster assembly and building time. We have advanced fast-setting concretes that reach the maximum strength faster than traditional ones. And a portfolio of precast concrete solutions provides you with an easy assembly on-site. We believe in building progress for people and the planet, advancing society and uplifting communities. That’s why we are reinventing how the world builds on our way to becoming a net zero company.

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